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Many of us have had thoughts of getting a gym membership, or even just inserting a simple exercise routine at home, but many of us have put off this thought too. However, in the name of clean slate beginnings, I mustered the courage to finally sign up at a gym near my crib. (Well, more like an “upgrade” for me as I’ve been going to a small fitness center for dance classes but I figured out the location proved to be a hassle.) I got a pricey membership so it should be a motivational factor that I have to actually show up at the gym and exercise, right? Right. (more…)


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This new café I’m featuring today have operated in Cebu City for almost a year now but surprisingly, it didn’t reach my radar. I must have been very preoccupied with my private life that I put off my cafe-hopping adventures a.k.a. “me time”. I mean, how can I miss this exquisitely decorated coffee shop in my town?




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It’s a sheer delight when new coffee shops pop in Cebu despite me being not so much of a coffee drinker. I think I am more of a coffee shop fan and it gives me pure joy when I go “cafe-hopping” — more so when it’s a foreign coffee shop chain. This gives me an opportunity to experience their respective coffee cultures, whichever part of the world they are from. Here comes South Korea-based COFFEE BAY Coffee & Bakery on their very first branch in the Philippines. (more…)