It’s a sheer delight when new coffee shops pop in Cebu despite me being not so much of a coffee drinker. I think I am more of a coffee shop fan and it gives me pure joy when I go “cafe-hopping” — more so when it’s a foreign coffee shop chain. This gives me an opportunity to experience their respective coffee cultures, whichever part of the world they are from. Here comes South Korea-based COFFEE BAY Coffee & Bakery on their very first branch in the Philippines.

Coffee Bay is a brand from South Korea that was launched in 2009 and has since expanded all over Asia and the US. They have branches in South Korea (of course), Shenyang and Guangzhou in China, California in the US, and now in Cebu, Philippines. They opened their store in SM Seaside City Cebu last November 2016.

Coffee Bay’s menu has the staple selection of hot and iced coffee, as well as smoothies, sparkling ade, and tea for the non-coffee persons.  They’ve got cakes, pastries, and sandwiches too. During my brief visit, I got myself a hot drink called White Chocolate Mocha. I’m particularly interested on their “Bay Specials” series, a set of flavored drinks — Chocolate, Strawberry, or Mango — that’s served with slices of banana. How’s that for a combo?

During their opening period at SM Seaside, they gave out reusable tumblers as freebies to their customers. I got one for myself! 🙂 They also have other merchandise too such as antique coffee grinders, coffee drip sets, branded mugs and tumblers, and espresso blend drip coffee.

COFFEE BAY Coffee & Bakery

2nd floor, City Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

South Road Properties, Cebu City

Phone: (032) 402 9364

Facebook | Instagram

Business Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM (mall hours) Monday to Sunday

Parking: Yes — mall parking

WiFi: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash

Drinks: Bay Special, Sparkling Ade, smoothie, Franobe, latte, tea, coffee

Food: sandwich, doughnut, muffin, bread, cake, shaved ice (dessert)

Price Range: P105 – P200

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