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Many of us have had thoughts of getting a gym membership, or even just inserting a simple exercise routine at home, but many of us have put off this thought too. However, in the name of clean slate beginnings, I mustered the courage to finally sign up at a gym near my crib.

(Well, more like an “upgrade” for me as I’ve been going to a small fitness center for dance classes but I figured out the location proved to be a hassle.) I got a pricey membership so it should be a motivational factor that I have to actually show up at the gym and exercise, right? Right.

The days that followed after I signed up were filled with anxiety. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind such as “Will I be okay?”, “What do I do?”, “Where do I start?”, “Will I die of extreme exhaustion?”, and a whole lot more.  I will probably look like an idiot wandering off the gym, feeling self-conscious and all, or I might have that “gym newbie” sign on my forehead. I guess it can’t be helped. Everybody starts off somewhere. Everybody has a story, so here’s mine.

Filling out the membership forms


Becoming a member of a legit exercise place means having legit gym attire to boot but I don’t own any (save for my sweatpants from university days and a pair of athletic shoes that I normally use for site visits to my side projects).  This time around, I caved in to buying new sets of shoes, shirt, shorts / leggings, and everything else the society tells us to wear and bring in the gym. A friend suggested that I gift myself with an Adidas Women running or training shoes but it’s a bit expensive. I’ll save that for when I reach my gym membership anniversary. *wink wink* For now, I’ll take a pair from World Balance and a few items from SM Woman Active.

Endure athletic shoes in Navy Blue from World Balance

Endure athletic shoes in Maroon Purple from World Balance

SM Woman Active is available at The SM Store in all SM malls nationwide.

II. WILL I BE OKAY? a.k.a first day jitters

The day has come! Butterflies were all over my stomach as I entered the doors — just like our first day at school — feeling insecure and afraid. I passed by the different sections and amidst the training equipment and facilities, there were people already doing some hardcore grinding early in the morning. The atmosphere was very busy coupled with sounds of heavy breathing and grunting. Ahh, everything was just overwhelming. I headed straight to the snack bar to wait for the membership consultant who will give the tour and briefing.

Buddy system just like in the elementary days.

Good thing I had a friend with me that day and she’s a gym newbie too. In fact, she had just signed up on the very same day of my first visit.  Like me, she felt quite shy in coming to the gym and starting a training session. Well, that makes us good workout buddies now, isn’t it?


Feelings of awkwardness on what to do first and how should I start clouded my mind as soon as I slipped into my workout attire. It seemed as if all those outwardly athletic people on the gym floor are having a staring contest on newcomers like my friend and I. But then I remembered the golden rule in my membership form: NO STARING AT OTHERS. That gave a kind of relief. We finished our gym tour and membership briefing before proceeding to the Spinning room. Why did we choose the spinning room? Because nobody was there! We were both laughing at how awkward we were and it must’ve appeared strikingly on our body language.

Selfie at the Spinning Room.

Even the locker room experience was quite funny as everybody looked extremely busy fiddling with their gym essentials, walking past us going to the shower and sauna. And we, the “newcomers” just stood there and froze. But then again, the “no staring at others” rule came to my mind, much to my relief.

IV. CAN I TAKE A PHOTO? a.k.a. documentation of gym journey!

As with most fitness buffs, taking selfies before, during, or after working out has become ubiquitous. Whether you want to show off your gym #OOTD or your hardcore workout routine, it’s up to you. As for me, I’d like to do a “documentation” of some sorts — you can say “before & after” shots — more like a visual diary of my progress on a weekly basis. But I thought to myself, is it allowed? Of course!

So which #SelfieExpert smartphone can help me achieve this? It’s the OPPO F3!

This phone has a very sleek metal body (thickness of only 7.3mm!!). I can imagine it’s such a pleasure to hold. It can totally fit in however small your gym bag may be, or strap it on your arm while you’re in the treadmill. Its rear camera boasts of 13MP capacity whilst the front camera is at 16MP. What’s more, the F3 supports dual selfie camera — one for a selfie and another for a “groufie”! This is perfect for taking group shots after a yoga session or a dance class, yeah?

So there you go. I pretty much survived my 1st visit to my new home gym. After a few hours, the anxiety wore off and the feeling of excitement kicked in. I began to imagine the outcome: I will be more active in the next few weeks, I’d be meeting totally new people, I will be using my “hidden” energy (haha) and channeling my inner dancer / alter ego as I join the dance class, I’d be sweating out all the negative vibes in me, and so on.  I am looking forward to declining meat in my meals and have vegetables instead. No soda nor iced tea anymore too. Moreover, I am looking forward to those gym selfies and see if I actually made any difference. Let’s check back some 3 months from now! 🙂

*For more info on the OPPO F3, you may visit their website here.

*For more info about Gold’s Gym, you may visit their website here.

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