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Sweet treats will come your way for an even sweeter holiday season as J.Co Donuts & Coffee opens a branch in Bohol! It is already their 45th branch since arriving in the country in 2012. But first, can I say I love the store’s new look? (Okay, that’s the designer mind in me speaking, and more on that in a separate post).

Their delectable donuts, coffee, and yogurt goodies are readily available in time for Christmas because well, gourmet donuts as an addition to the noche buena table ain’t a bad idea, yeah? Millenials, reprezzzent! (yup, with a triple Z)

J.Co held a media launch before the official store opening and yours truly was one of the guests. We were treated to an interactive session with various activities all related to coffee and donuts, all of which I totally enjoyed.

This holiday season, J.Co is bringing out a new combo worth trying: Panettone Frappe + Nutcracker Donut. From the looks of it, it’s nothing short of being a delectable treat!

Of course, our original favorite flavors are all not to miss! Leading the pack are Oreology, Crunchy Crunchy (personal fave!) and the Alcapone. There are 40 other flavors to choose from, all of which will definitely be a hit among the kids and the kids-at-heart. Not to mention, the JPops — 24 flavors of gourmet donuts in a box, all bite-sized — is one treat you may want to hand to your inaanak instead of the usual cringe-y wrapped gift. Heh~

What started out as a humble concept store from Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005, J.Co Donuts and Coffee has since expanded to Malaysia and Singapore. It arrived in the Philippines in 2012. With its most recent venture into the south’s urban metropolis, J.Co is making its way to becoming SEA’s fastest growing coffee chain.

So let’s all eat, sip, and be merry this Christmas season with J.Co Donuts and Coffee! *insert donut emoticons here*

J.Co Donuts and Coffee’s first venture in Bohol is at the ground floor of Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City. Take the entrance facing Dao Bus terminal. Upon entering, turn to your right at 2 PM angle. 🙂

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