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The 3rd quarter of 2017 brought me to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan for a lengthy work assignment. It was my first time to be in the island for quite a while so I had, like finally, the opportunity to check the city’s offerings as far as food and eating out is concerned.

Well, that was primarily because our hosts were always up for team dinners every after shift and they were very gracious to let us sample a bit of everything local. So I thought I’d share it here for an easy guide. Who knows, you might find yourself booking a flight to the beautiful island of Palawan next time! You’re welcome! *wink*

Here you go!!


Address: 348 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Contact #: (048) 434 5194 | Facebook | Instagram

On our first night, we went to Kinabuch’s along Rizal Avenue. It’s a resto bar with outdoor widescreen (for sports / games I guess?) that is best known for serving exotic Filipino dishes. Case in point: Tamilok and Crocodile Sisig. The Tamilok is known as wood worm but is not actually not a worm. It is a mollusk living inside the branches of mangrove trees. They look like worms because of their long, slender, slimy body. Can it get any more exotic than that?


Address: 20 National Highway, San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City (near the barangay hall)

Contact #: (048) 433 4239 | Facebook | Instagram

A good selection of brick oven or coal-fired pizza is what McCoy’s is known for. Easily situated at the National Hi-way, it is very convenient for group dinners for family or workmates. The store has 2 floors; the ground floor has a live band, whilst the 2nd floor had rustic interior / setting for a more intimate gathering. Affordable pizza and pasta is their selling point. You might have to call ahead for reservation because the place easily gets full! That, or you may want to go to their new branch in SM City Puerto Princesa.


Address: 295 Manalo extension, Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City (in front of One Manalo Place)

Contact #: (048) 433 9383 | Facebook | Instagram

If you feel like having a chill and laidback dinner, Captain Ribs Grill Restaurant is the way to go. They have cozy interiors, with outdoor seating if you want to dine under the stars (I’ve tried this!). The restaurant serves a fusion of American, European, and Filipino cuisin and is best known for their grilled ribs. Not to mention, it’s a great spot for late-night drinks too!


Address: Manalo Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Contact #: (048) 434 8420 | Facebook (place, not a page) | Instagram

If Cebu has lechon, Puerto Princesa has Chao Long! The island’s “representative dish” is not even Filipino in origin but Vietnamese. There’s a bit on confusion though as chao long is congee in Vietnam whilst their noodle dish is called pho. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended visitors and Bona’s Chaolong House is the top pang-masa choice for this. We ordered their beef stew noodles with cheese toasted bread on the side. At first, I was taken aback by the color but when I started eating, it was just right. Either that, or maybe I was just too hungry after our overtime shift that day. :p


Address: 294 Manalo extension, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Contact #: (048) 433 2261, (+63) 0917 849 1994 | Facebook | Instagram

This restaurant, I’d say, is a very good dinner spot for local and foreign tourists as they showcase Palawan’s culture, arts, and history. While waiting for our food to be served, I took time to read the trivias and check the artworks of local artists. Haim Chicken is best known for lechon manok, along with other Filipino dishes.


Address: A.M. Abueg Road, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Contact #: (048) 433 9912 | Facebook | Instagram

This one’s pretty secluded (don’t say I didn’t warn you) but the trip was very worth it! Badjao Seafront is a floating restaurant with a picturesque view of Honda Bay, very “Mother Nature”-ish. I bet it will be nice to have dinner here watching the sun set. Our team had our lunch here to a feast of Filipino dishes. It is recommended to get a table at a corner spot to fully enjoy the sea view.


Address: Palawan North Road cor. San Juan, Brgy. San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan (the resto is part of Canvas Boutique Hotel)

Contact #: (+63) 917 807 1360 | Facebook | Instagram

Painted Table is a restaurant at Canvas Boutique Hotel and is by far a personal favorite in this group. Dining here is a culinary experience and visual treat at the same time. They have a very spacious dining setting, perfect for a quite lunch with the team. Take your pick from their Filipino fusion dishes and Western comfort food. And while you’re at it, check the communal dining table painted by a local artist which is a total conversation-starter.

So there you go! Hope this guide helped! Let me know if you have any other suggestion for restaurants. Perhaps, there are newly-opened ones out there? Drop it at the comments section!

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